Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fear My Lance

today is day 10! guess what was the first thing i did when i logged into the game? haha.

i'm very pleased to finally add the second jouster to my collection. the in-game mail was a nice touch too. it paints a cute picture of a rambunctious little bird that misses its brother. why farden talonstrike and his fellow guardians would put him in a box and not a cage, i have no idea. perhaps that's the only container they had on hand at the time? lol. :P

overall, i'm content and satisfied with the jousting pets. the initial quest chain wasn't too long or too much of a hassle, and it had some lore mixed in while tying in well with the other lvl 80 mount hyjal quests. the daily for the second jouster wasn't as RNG reliant as the pebble daily, but you still had to do the work and had to be patient about the daily resets. it's a good balance of everything.


  1. Oh no! I completely forgot about doing this one again. Boo Hoo - 10 days behind :(

  2. @Sephrenya: no worries! at least the daily is offered every day, unlike the pebble quest and the holiday stuff. you'll get it eventually for sure :)

  3. Got mine today. EU Server maintenance was behind the US, so I was delayed =(

  4. I ended up missing one day and getting behind on this, but I got it one day after the soonest anyone could.

    Now if only I could fly my Horde balloon too.

  5. @Harval: that's one of the pro's about this achievement/pet. even if you miss one day or more, it's quite easy to make it up since the quest is available every day and the achievement doesn't require a consecutive completion of the daily.

    it's not a "freebie" or hand-me-out companion, you still have to do some work for it. yet the collector still maintains some control and is not completely at the mercy of RNG.


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