Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Next?

well i'm finally done with the mount hyjal storyline and received my awesome flaming hippogryph mount. *cough* flaming hippogryph hatchling pet? *cough* :P

even though i already have the searing scorchling, i'm going to continue to do the hyjal dailies for a while. wishful thinking that maybe... just MAYBE... (doesn't seem likely though) the other baby elementals might be found in zen'vorka's cache. i can't help but hope.

other than that, all that's left to do is wait. the nightsaber cub will come in due time and my guild is steadily trucking along on the quest chain for the legendary staff and lil' tarecgosa.

i'm still waiting on any news about the 2011 blizzcon goodie bag and what the in-game redeemable item will be, as well as information on the guardian cub. i'll be very surprised if the cub isn't from the blizzard PetStore like its mount counterpart!


  1. What I'd really love to see would be a fire hawk hatchling pet. The baby hawks during one of the dailies look pretty unique; I'd love to have one! I hadn't considered the other elemental babies... that'd be a great way to actually keep me doing the dailies once I'm finished up.

    As for the Nightsaber Cub; rejoice!

  2. I'll be done in two days, and I'm sort of indifferent about it. yay for new pets, and a mount, but it wasn't too exciting lol

  3. @Harval: i'd love a firehawk hatchling too. then again, whenever i think of a firehawk... i think of alysrazor now.. and when she dies.. well it's not pretty :( but they certainly are pretty cool when they're alive :P

    @pandy: it's nothing like the excitement of getting a rarespawn or having a 1 in 1,000 chance pet drop, but i definitely feel accomplished. the entire experience, although repetitive, was something different and just something to do in general which in itself was rewarding imo.

  4. Well, I decided to try my hand at Zen'Vorka's cache since the marks are useless for me, and of course on my first bag I get the Scorchling. Kind of distressing to type in 'DELETE' for such a sought after item.


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