Saturday, June 25, 2011

4.2 Reminders

what can i say? i have to constantly remind myself of stuff or else i forget. :P
- possible 4.2 pets
- new hyjal questing hub and dailies
- new achievement rewards
- united nations should be fixed >_>
- nightsaber cub "soon"?
- keep an eye out for the guardian cub
- when will they announce the blizzcon 2011 goodie bag?!
if patch 4.2 is released next week, i look forward to all the new pets, the new raid content and the heaps of lag and dc'ing that's bound to occur. :P

so... until then! (unless something big is announced or things change)

note: last update to my 4.2 pets list. just so i have all my ducklings in a row heh. once the patch is released, be sure to check out WarcraftPets for all the new pets! (their layout's shinier than mine :D)

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