Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

just a reminder for myself: the nightsaber cub should be released with the TCG expansion set twilight of the dragons soon. last i checked the release was set for late june/early july.

i'm glad that the vanity pets from the TCG are the common loot cards now, although that will probably mean less "unique" companions and we'll likely see more reskinned models than anything else. but on the other hand, because they're more common, they'll be MUCH cheaper, meaning you could probably pick up more than one and then you won't have to make that tough choice on which toon to give the TCG pet to (since it can only be applied to one character).

speaking of characters, part of me is debating whether or not to go that extra mile and invest in a second cub for my hunter just so i can match a hunter kitty pet with the nightsaber companion. :P

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