Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello My Old Friend

disclaimer - until there's more confirmation from other players, please take the following with a grain of salt and consider it as only a possibility for now:


*ahem* excuse my excitement, but this is HUGE news IF it's true and goes live with patch 4.2.

according to a comment on wowhead's PTR site, players who have completed all three vendor specific quests (filling the moonwell, additional armaments, and calling the ancients) will be able to purchase zen'vorka's cache for 30 marks of the world tree. there is a (probably very) low chance that the searing scorchling will be found within this cache.

the prospect of this companion finally making a reappearance is extremely good news for the many pet collectors that missed out on this companion during previous midsummer fire festivals when it was a rare drop from the holiday boss, ahune.

the downside (if you consider it a downside) of all of this is that it will require a daily grind to earn the marks to purchase the cache. thankfully, by the time you've unlocked all three vendors in the new questing hub, you can earn just about 30 marks per day. also, all the vendors sell items mainly for gold, making the cache a no-brainer-purchase and a way to spend extra marks. it feels like a win-win situation to me!

the possibility of the cache dropping the scorchling also makes me wonder what other neat goodies will we find within it? perhaps the other elemental pets that were previewed but never made an appearance at the beginning of the expansion? (rumbling rockling, swirling stormling, whirling waveling)

i can only hope!


  1. *crosses fingers that the Frigid Frostling might be in there too* At least then I wouldn't have to completely rely on RNG during the midsummer fire festival =)


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