Friday, May 20, 2011

I Be Punting Turtles

no, this post isn't about animal cruelty. there actually is a daily where you need to punt baby turtles into the water to save them. haha :P

i started on the PTR about a week behind everyone else, and i also was a bit late joining in on the new hyjal/dailies fun. but i'm going. lol. slow, but going.

on the upside, because i started a little later, i seem to have missed most of the bugs in the quests and zones. the only real issue that i've noticed so far was my insane FPS drop while on the thrall quest (in firelands portion), but i guess that's to be expected since it's technically a new-ish area and all.

anyway, i digress! since it's highly likely the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub will be sold or found within hyjal, i'm currently working on getting enough marks of the world tree to unlock more of the hyjal NPCs and area. (if you haven't noticed already, the fire lasher spell was renamed to crimson lasher to match the item found in a previous PTR build. for some reason though, the hover over tooltip still reads fire lasher even though it takes you to the crimson lasher page... bah, details :P)

this is mainly for my reference for each phase, since there's really no better way to gather information than by seeing it first hand for yourself!

the first "unlocking" seems to cost 20 marks. there are 3 dailies per day that award a total of 4 marks per day. the initial quests to unlock the dailies will also award a total of 12, so you'll only need two more days before the first phase is completed.

from what i gather from other people, you'll need a total of some 300ish marks to unlock a certain number of NPCs/areas/more dailies/etc. it sounds daunting, but i don't think it'll be that bad. if it's for pets, i'll do it! honestly, the grind isn't so bad. it's the waiting in between each day that's the toughest. the daily reset couldn't be any slower! Q_Q


  1. I posted this on warcraftpets as well, but I'd thought I'd point it out here too.

    You can purchase the Crimson Lasher for gold from the vendor related to 'Filling the Moonwell' after unlocking both Druids of the Talon and Shadow Wardens (150 tokens each) and then 125 tokens for that quest. The Hyjal Bear cub is available from the vendor related to 'Calling the Ancients' (125 tokens to unlock this one as well).


  2. @Kezzy: i foresee a lot of daily grinding in my near future x_x


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