Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bugs Begone

i banish thee back to whence you came! er.. or something like that. (i was never good at roleplay lol)

in any case, if you haven't been keeping up with my new twitter (*gasp* i'm a twittererer... uh, twitty? or is it twit? haha :P), i've been continuing with my testing of the new dailies on the PTR.

the initial dailies haven't been giving me any problems so far, but the newest ones that i've unlocked... well... let's just say if blizzard were handing out bottles of bug spray, players would need quite a few cans to get through some of those dailies. x_x

as noted in my accessing the 4.2 hyjal vendors post, after completing half of phase 2, you unlock more dailies that sort of chain from the previous ones. meaning, you must complete one set of dailies to open up a second chain of dailies and so forth. so yes, you will unlock more dailies after turning in 150 marks to either the shadow wardens or druids of the talon, but you won't be able to access them each day unless you complete the initial set of dailies first (each day). then again, who wouldn't do the first set if there are still a ton of marks to grind out?

anyway, think of it like a quest chain within a quest chain. that's the best way i can sum it up. it sounds complicated now, but once you're actually doing it, it's pretty linear and hard to miss.

for now, though, i've gone as far as i can go with the chain within the chain of dailies, so i'm just going to have to wait for a new PTR build to fix the bugs.

oh and just in case you haven't already figured out... FIRE BAD. VERY, VERY BAD. i recommend making that a mantra in preparation for the new daily zone in 4.2. :P

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