Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nuts Knocks You Out!

the image above is faint and might be hard to make out, but what you're seeing is the result of a crazy little squirrel. yes, the new 150 pet achievement reward is indeed a squirrel! and he's nuts!

after patching, i logged onto the PTR to find nuts' acorn waiting for me in the mail sent by breanni herself. this companion is indeed a little squirrel, as many have speculated. he'll innocently wash his face and idle about... until he decides to hurl an acorn at your head! or any nearby head for that matter lol. he even had the nerve to throw nuts at the royal stormwind guard. there's even an awesome *thunk* noise when the acorn lands on its intended target!

note: while the animation looks like it stuns the target, the animation doesn't actually prevent or hinder movement.

i'm so excited to see this companion and i can't wait to acquire him once patch 4.2 goes live. of course, i have to remind myself that this is the PTR, things could change between now and when the patch is implemented, and not to get my hopes up too high, blah blah blah.

but i can't help myself! *bounces* perhaps this pet has started to rub off of me... and i too, am going... nuts. har har :P


  1. ooooh I can't wait for Nuts :D

    also, I love your blog and all the updates. :)


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