Sunday, May 1, 2011

Call to Arms - A Bit Buggy

nevermind the awkward placement of a jumble of companions on the call to arms loot table; there seems to be some confusion as to when and how the satchel of exotic mysteries will be awarded. it's already been stated that you will be eligible if you queue for a role that is currently being "called to arms", but what if that role is no longer listed just as you are finishing up the dungeon? will you still receive a reward?

there are mixed responses so far. some have said yes, they received their satchel even though their role was no longer the least represented when they completed the heroic instance. others have said no, and they had to submit a ticket in which a gamemaster said they are aware of a possible bug that prevents some players from receiving their goodie bag despite having queued at the appropriate role-call.

in my personal experience, if i remember correctly, i queued as a healer and joined a group, and even though at the end of the run healers were no longer being called to arms, i still received the satchel of exotic mysteries.

because this system is still very new, there are bound to be bugs and glitches. hopefully blizzard resolves them soon since if the incentive to draw more into a certain role isn't working properly and consistently, then there's really no incentive is there?

i still have mixed feelings about this new feature. i'm really not fond of the way they just kind of (mindlessly) dumped a bunch of companions into the loot table, and i'm somewhat skeptical if the rewards are actually making a difference in the number of SUCCESSFUL pugs being ran on a daily basis. (reducing queue times is one thing, but if the ratio of successful groups to failing groups has increased despite the shortened queues times... it really defeats the purpose, doesn't it?) the mounts seem to be the hottest items other than flasks and the gold, so i have to wonder, was it really necessary to add a jumble of pets into the bag as well?

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