Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updated Achievement Rewards, Hooray!

blizzard's feeling generous for 4.2, eh?!

latest PTR build notes from mmo-champion:
- littlest pet shop now rewards celestial dragon (previously awarded nuts' acorn)
- menagerie now rewards brilliant kaliri (previously awarded magical pet biscuit)
- petting zoo now rewards nuts' acorn (previously awarded magical pet biscuit)
talk about a curve ball. did. not. see. that one. coming. it's a good thing, i promise! *insert massive amounts of squeeing and confetti throwing here*

it's good to finally see the celestial dragon will soon be available to players. it was datamined quite a while ago but never made it past that stage. i'm absolutely thrilled that blizzard finally decided where/when to release it.

i'm also very eager to find out what the brilliant kaliri will look like! the original kaliri creature found in outlands was a bit dull imo (although the ones found in the blade's edge mountains and terokkar forest were pretty colorful), so i'm hoping a "brilliant" version will mean a gorgeously colored bird.

UPDATE: wowhead has a 3D model of the celestial dragon. make sure your flash and/or java are up-to-date and go check out this little guys' neat idle animation. you'll be starry-eyed, i'm sure. (lame joke is lame lol)


  1. Hugely awesome. Blizzard cares!

  2. wow that's awesome. 3 more pets for meeeeeeeee! :D


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