Friday, May 13, 2011

4.2 Pet Achievement(s)

since i don't want this to get buried within my other rambles, repost of the update in my previous post!

mmo-champion has datamined another change to the pet-collecting achievements in the latest PTR build!
- 100 pets (petting zoo) - awards a magical pet biscuit (same as papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuit)

- 125 pets (menagerie) - awards a magical pet biscuit (same as papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuit)

- 150 pets (littlest pet shop) - nuts' acorn (i'm guessing most likely a squirrel pet)
the above isn't fully reflected on wowhead's ptr site yet, and mmo-champion has it mixed up on the list, but the tooltips should be accurate.

also, it hasn't been confirmed yet, but there's another new achievement that MIGHT award a pet:
- complete the 'vigilance on wings' daily quest in mount hyjal 10 times. (the 'unbeatable?' pterodactyl: BEATEN.) - awards a chirping box
i say "might" because so far the chirping box doesn't have a trainable spell attached to it (yet?) and that's as far as the tooltip goes. let's hope that blizzard turns it into a trainable item and we'll finally be able to receive a second jouster (maybe?) or even a new bird-like companion. i mean, it's a box! and it's chirping for a reason, right?


  1. since I already have 153 pets, i'm curious what's after that.

  2. Awesome, good news on the home front from Blizzard for once. Squirrel pet is a million years overdue.

  3. @BigFire: for tiered achievements such as this, there's really no end to how high blizzard can go. who knows? we may eventually see an achievement that requires 350 unique vanity pets! it's entirely up to blizzard's development team.

    @Harval: at first was a bit disappointed with a squirrel pet, but after seeing it in action first hand... i absolutely can't wait for it to be released. :D

  4. Could it be possible that the Chirping Box is not itself an actual pet but instead, contains the pet you did not choose for completing the quest chain that gave the original the 'unbeatable?' pterodactyl achievement?

  5. @Epiktetos: it could be! anything is possible right now. :)


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