Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diggin' Good Vibes

since it just doesn't feel right to leave my blog on such a serious, bittersweet note of my previous post, i'm going to indulge in more positive collecting news.

tonight, just a little before servers went down for maintenance, i finally finished the pterrordax hatchling! as silly as this sounds, i was absolutely terrified that i wouldn't be able to collect all the fragments in time, and upon waking up tomorrow i would find the hatchling missing from my archaeology spellbook. yea, sleep deprivation can do that to a person. :P

i'm so happy that i managed to squeeze out those last few fossil digsites and learn my new dino-pet, though. not only that, this particular rare also earned me the "professor" title and corresponding achievement! that was pure coincidence, btw. i wasn't really going for the title or achievement lol.

so i am done with the archaeology pets (for now)! it makes me wonder if i'm a masochist when i say that i can't wait for blizzard to release more companions through this secondary profession. collecting in this fashion truly is a grind and battle with RNG. i'm just grateful that those are the only two factors that i have to deal with, though. there's no time limit, no abnormally high or low cap, and no competition with or dependency on others. could improvements be made? well, yea. nothing is perfect. overall, though, i'm pretty satisfied. :)

and because servers are now down and i already have a few screenshots of the pterrordax hatchling, here's one taken while on the PTR. its expression amuses me to no end. :P

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