Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Rarer" Legion Wild Pets

List of wild pets that might be harder to find/acquire in Legion. This is mainly to remind myself, but if others also find this list useful, then awesome :)

  • Fledgling Kingfeather (Azsuna) - Shares spawn points with Fledgling Oliveback and has lower spawn chance.
  • Stormstruck Beaver (Stormheim) - Shares spawn points with Bucktooth Flappers and has lower spawn chance.
  • Dust Bunny (Dalaran) - Requires Spring Cleaning buff from interactable rug. Unknown respawn time on rug, and rug has multiple spawn locations.
  • Vicious Broodling (Suramar) - Shares spawn points with Thornclaw Broodling and has lower spawn chance.
If there are other new Legion wild pets that may require additional effort, please let me know!

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