Thursday, July 21, 2016

Make the Mountain Cottontail Great Again

Now that the Patch 7.0.3 dust has settled a little (so many changes - love the Wardrobe system, can't praise it enough), I'd like to take a moment and mourn the loss of the beloved 'glossy-skin' Mountain Cottontail (pre-7.0.3 version pictured above).

In this pre-expansion patch a few pet models received updates to make them look fluffier and less jagged.

The bunny/rabbit model was included in the model updates, but an unfortunate side-effect is that although the Mountain Cottontail appears with a BRAND NEW SHINY-GOLD SKIN (omg!) in the Pet Journal (see image below), it does not retain that appearance when summoned out or in a battle.

If you collected a 'shiny' Mountain Cottontail before 7.0.3, you'll find that your bunny friend has turned into a color-changer. When summoned it will take on the appearance of any of its possible skins...EXCEPT the shiny-gold (glossy) skin.

This is disheartening and very disappointing but it's something that I knew was coming since it was a bug (or intended?) on the PTR prior to 7.0.3's release. I was hoping that this error would get fixed by the time the patch dropped, but there were probably more pressing issues for developers to address.

Many, myself included, went out of their way to collect a glossy Mountain Cottontail. It took time and effort, but felt highly rewarding upon capturing your own special bunny. It was unique but not out of reach like promotional pets or limited time companions. It was proof of dedication as a collector.

As it is right now, this rabbit looks like any other...but if you own a shiny version, you know the truth! Dare I say that owners of a glossy cottontail are lucky?

This is because, unfortunately, it will be impossible for those who have yet to capture their own glossy Mountain Cottontail to find and capture one post-7.0.3.

Since this particular pet is now a color-changer that does NOT use the shiny-gold skin when summoned or in battle, it will not appear as such in the wild. This makes it completely indistinguishable from other generic-colored Mountain Cottontails. Collectors have no way of determining whether or not the wild cottontail they're facing is actually the shiny version (without capturing every single one they come across and checking their Pet Journal, that is).

I really do hope that developers find some spare time to fix the Mountain Cottontail and return it to its previous glossy-glory. While I enjoy color-changers and find them charming, I also adored my shiny Mountain Cottontail in its own uniqueness. It's just not the same now.

If they can somehow use the new bunny model but preserve the unique, shiny skin, that would be ideal. I don't think many collectors would object to having an ACTUAL shiny-gold rabbit following them around!

Please, please fix the glossy Mountain Cottontail!. :(

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