Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darkmoon Prize Tickets

Since I've been having trouble remembering the exact numbers and calculations for the Darkmoon Prize Tickets, I decided to consolidate all the information and write up something to remind myself.

Things may have changed since the PTR (when this post was written), so feel free to inform me in the comments of any corrections that need to be made or of any information that I may have missed!

Darkmoon Faire pets cost 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each.

Need a total of 540 tickets to purchase all six companions.

It will take at least 4 faires or 4 months for players to acquire all six pets. Results may vary.

Earning Tickets
• 5 Dailies (awards 1 ticket each)
- Tonk Commander
- The Humanoid Cannonball
- He Shoots, He Scores
- Target: Turtle
- It's Hammer Time
• 1 Account-wide Daily (awards 5 tickets)
- Darkmoon Pet Battle!

• 15 profession-based quests (may complete once per faire)
Main professions (award 4 tickets each)
- Alchemy
- Blacksmithing
- Engineering
- Enchanting
- Herbalism
- Inscription
- Jewelcrafting
- Leatherworking
- Mining
- Skinning
- Tailoring
Secondary professions (award 3 tickets each)
- Archaeology
- Fishing
- Cooking
- First Aid

NOTE: The quests/items listed below require players have a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in their inventory. Speak with a Darkmoon Faire Greeter to obtain a guide.

• 1 misc quest (awards 10 tickets - may complete once per faire)
- Test Your Strength
• 9 Darkmoon Artifacts (may turn in each artifact only once per faire, but you may find multiple artifacts even if the faire is not in town so long as you have the Adventurer's Guide in your inventory)
One artifact that awards 15 tickets each
- A Treatise on Strategy (drop: level 85 heroic dungeons)
Five artifacts that award 10 tickets each
- Soothsayer's Runes (drop: level 85 raids)
- Ornate Weapon (drop: dungeons)
- Mysterious Grimoire (drop: dungeons)
- Monstrous Egg (drop: dungeons)
- Imbued Crystal (drop: dungeons)
Three artifacts that award 5 tickets each
- Adventurer's Journal (drop: battlegrounds)
- Banner of the Fallen (drop: battlegrounds)
- Captured Insignia (drop: battlegrounds)
NOTE(s): For some extra info on which bosses are likely to drop certain artifacts, check out this Wowhead comments page.

Dungeon and raid dropped artifacts can be sold and traded. Battleground drops may only be picked up by the player looting a slain opponents corpse, but they are Bind on Use and can be sold/traded.

Dungeon dropped artifacts are only found from level-appropriate content. A level 85 toon in a level 35 dungeon will not see any DMF artifacts drop even if bosses in that particular dungeon have a chance to drop an artifact.

• Extra Tickets
As noted in the comments below, surviving the Darkmoon Deathmatch and looting the chest will award 5 extra Darkmoon Prize Tickets. The chest spawns once every three hours, starting from midnight. Only one person may loot the chest.

Collecting the DMF Vendor Pets
Since pet collections are now account-wide, it's not necessary to acquire all 630 tickets on a single character. Utilizing alt characters to complete the dailies and other quests will speed up the process. Simply earn 90 tickets on multiple toons, and you will be able to add all of the pets to your collection in no time!


  1. Thanks for this one! :) It's really useful.

  2. @Misty: You're welcome, I'm glad that you found it helpful! :)

  3. Bad news: Daily quests are down to 1 ticket instead of 4. :(

  4. Jep awesome calculation :)

  5. How did you come by such high numbers for your 'Total Tally'.

    I wipped out a calculator, and figured out that after adding the extra day on the saturday evening, 8 days worth of dailies, (40 Tickets), 6 prof quests available once a month (24 Tickets)and one misc quest, once a month (10 Tickets) would give me 74 Tickets a week. Thats a hell of a difference to your 205 estimate.

  6. @GVS: Yea, just found out about this. Sadness :(

    @Ellie: Dailies on the PTR awarded 5 tickets instead of just 1. But I've updated my calculations with the changes to the number of tickets earned per daily per day.

    Here's the new calculation for the absolute IDEAL situation (includes all artifact turn ins) -
    5 dailies x 8 days = 40
    2 main professions (8 tickets) + 4 secondary professions (12 tickets) = 20
    1 misc quest = 10
    all artifacts = 80
    total is 150 tickets per month in an ideal situation.

  7. How do you know the professions quests will be available each month?

  8. Thank you very much this is the first ticket guide that i have found out there. the only thing i wish you would add is places that you have found the artifacts drop. =) great guide tho. ty!

  9. @JD: Blizzard official statement - "There are beasts to heal, food to cook, and buildings to fix. If you’re willing to help keep the show going and put your skills to work, you’ll not only impress us, but you can get experience, Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and even polish up your skills -- up to five skill points per profession, per Faire week, if you’re good at what you do!"

    @Anonymous: You're welcome! I would add the possible bosses to hunt down for the artifacts, but there are quite a few and I'm sure there will be many more in the future. The best I can do is add a link to Wowhead comments with some guidelines on which bosses are your best bet for certain artifacts.

  10. Just a note - for the PvP inclined, the chest reward from the Darkmoon Deathmatch includes 5 tickets each time. If you play on a low-pop server, at odd hours, or have good friends, this is another way to boost ticket production each Faire.

  11. @Anonymous Dec 7, 2011: Thanks for the tip! Five tickets for each win? You could rack up quite a handful of extra tickets, IF you can loot the chest that is. ;)

    Too bad I don't PVP or else I would participate every chance I had. :P


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