Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Patch 4.3 "Soon"?

Here's an update on the status of patch 4.3 and an update of the possible progression of DMF pet acquisition:

Firstly, WoWInsider tweeted earlier tonight that patch 4.3 is planned to be released in the "next couple of weeks". I'm guessing this is info gleaned from the 3rd quarter 2011 Activision-Blizzard conference call. I'm hoping this means it will be released in time for next month's Darkmoon Faire! New pets are on the way, so hang in there. :)

Secondly, remember those Darkmoon Faire Artifacts that I mentioned in this post? The ones that start quests with the potential of awarding 5, 10, or 15 tickets? According to this Wowhead comment the artifacts and quests are a once per month deal and are not repeatable during the same week you turned your first one in.

Keep in mind that if you manage to collect one artifact from each "tier" (5, 10 or 15) of the DMF artifact, and IF you can turn in one or more (different artifact) from each tier, you could still significantly reduce the amount of time it will take to collect enough tickets to buy all 6 faire pets.

However, since these artifacts don't seem to be guaranteed and are possibly low drop rates, I don't feel confident enough to permanently integrate them into my estimation for how long it will take. My best guess is still about 3 months for all 6 pets, at a rate of 2 pets purchasable each week the faire is in town.

I'm still trying now and then to see if I can find an artifact for myself on the PTR, but no such luck yet. Either I'm not trying hard enough or these artifacts are pretty rare.

Anyway, with the next patch looming just over the horizon, I had better start working on getting everything updated and ready on Thankfully I'm not going in blindly, and the PTR is providing enough previews and information to create solid pet profiles for 4.3. :)


  1. I was wondering if the artifacts are soulbound or not. Having a look at the tooltip it doesn't say anything like "Bind on pickup". So maybe you can trade them. That way you could make sure to turn in every single artifact every month. If you have the money to purchase them ;)

    Have you heard or read anything about those artifacts being soulbound?

  2. @Imke: Ooo good question! I haven't even seen one on the PTR yet so no, I don't have the slightest idea if they're soulbound or not.

  3. 4.3 can't come soon enough! So much new stuff! Been playing DC Universe since it went free to play for a change of pace (until Zelda Skyward Sword at least!) and first thing I asked was "Where's the pets!"

    I think right after Thanksgiving, since we haven't had the end of arena season annoumcement like we normally get

  4. @Charron: They just announced the end of the arena season AND have flagged the latest PTR build as a "release" candidate! 4.3 is definitely "soon"!

  5. 11/29, I'm calling in sick to work! Week before DMF also! Pretty nifty!

  6. @Charron: Meep, just before the holidays. It's a good/bad thing... busy time prepping for holidays but then more free time during and after!


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