Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just to Whet Your Pet Appetite

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! MMO-Champion is reporting that patch 4.3 should be out this coming Tuesday. *Insert nonsensical squee here* But of course, there's no guarantee and all we can do is bite our nails and anxiously wait and see.

Also, MMO-Champion has some screenshot previews of the last few pets that we haven't had much access to yet. They were datamined from the 4.3 files, but we probably won't see them any time soon.

These pets include:
- Soul of the Aspects (image)
- Fetish Shaman (image)
- Gregarious Grell (image)
- Sand Scarab (image)
- Lumpy (image)
If you missed previews of any of the other new pets datamined in 4.3, be sure to check out MMO-Champion's companion pet page that's linked above.

For a text only and less image intensive list of the new 4.3 datamined vanity pets, you can skim over my list of the upcoming pets.

WarcraftPets will have all the available pets' profiles ready to go on patch day, so you could just wait and be surprised too. :P

I know I shouldn't hold my breath in anticipation for this Tuesday, but I just can't help it now! MMO-Champion's "wrap up" of the next content patch is what I was waiting for before getting my hopes way up. Time to check and then double check that everything's in order for patch day. *Bounces away*


  1. Will the darkmoon faire stuff be in this patch? :crosses fingers:

    This is what I used to look at it. (Since gaming websites are blocked here at work.)

    Thankfully this one isn't! WOOT!


  2. @Marlene Whitecourt: Yes, the DMF is coming with 4.3, but we won't have a chance to see it until December 4 when it officially "comes to town"!

  3. Oh man!

    Are there any pets we can get tonight once the patch downloads?


  4. @Marlene Whitecourt: If you bought the Purple Puffer, you can redeem the loot card code and head to Booty Bay to claim your new pet! Other than that, we'll have to wait for the Darkmoon Faire.

  5. Dang it. :Kicks a rock:

    I do have a code for the puffer. I'll enter that in tonight!


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