Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second & Third PTR DMF Pets

Two more Darkmoon Faire pets purchased while on the PTR, the Darkmoon Monkey and the Darkmoon Tonk. Note: They were purchased on two alts since it's unlikely anyone could have enough tickets to purchase a second and third pet on a single toon just yet.

I still haven't seen any interesting idle animations from any of the DMF pets previewed on the PTR. It's a little disappointing since I can think of a few animations that would be appropriate for them.

The Darkmoon Monkey could throw fruit at nearby players or NPCs (much like Nuts throws acorns). Or maybe the Darkmoon Zeppelin and Darkmoon Tonk could shoot their canons at other toys such as the Toy Train Set or even the Clockwork Rocket Bots.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone discovers some awesome interactions and idle animations in the near future. But if the new faire companions don't have any, it's ok. They're still worth the time and effort to get imo. :)


  1. are the pets BoP or BOE? I really hope they are BOE lol. I want to save the tickets for the mounts and use alts for the pets :)

  2. @pandy: They're currently Bind on Pick Up on the PTR.


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