Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sea Pony - Limited Farming Time

Just confirmed on the 4.3 PTR that if you log out on the Darkmoon Island prior to the faire ending, you'll get teleported back to where you zoned into the island once you log back in after the faire ends. Boo. That means you can't access the island if the faire's not in town.

Looks like pet collectors will only have one week out of each month to farm for the Sea Pony. It shouldn't be too bad since the drop rate doesn't seem nearly as bad as say... the Fox Kit. Not to mention you can fish in relatively safe zones without fear of being ganked over and over, and there's really no threat of people "stealing" your kills.

Whether or not the limited farm time will make this pet more rare, I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see what actual droprates are like once patch 4.3 is released (coming soon! yay).


  1. I noticed that. However, the journal is still in my backpack so that brings up getting the artifacts in between faires to hand in the next time it's up which should help speed it up a bit too.

    Bit disappointed with the Arena season ending 29th though, as that means best case scenario is 4.3 dropping in the middle of the Darkmoon Faire for December. Had hoped it would be out in time for that.

  2. @Anonymous: Yea, I'm glad we get to keep the Adventurer's Journal in between faires. More artifacts please! :D

    Blah, I was hoping the release date of the patch would be on the 29th, and not just the arena season ending. If the release is not the 29th, then we'll either get a shortened DMF week or miss it altogether. D: I guess if I had to pick, a shortened DMF is better than nothing at all.

  3. Since it's from fishing, I'll just pray it's a bit more common than a turtle mount ;) And since it took me forever and a day to get a giant sewer rat, maybe more common than that, too...

  4. If I recall, patch 4.2 dropped on the same day the last arena season ended. If that's the case, we'll see 4.3 before DMF. Wish it was before Thanksgiving, but oh well, one more week to enjoy DC Universe Online! Speaking of which, I love how they do transmogrifying, so easy.

    Oh yeah, hot tip. Make sure you're max honor/justice capped. BoEs may still be worth some gold. Me, I'll be buying the new honor gear the week after for PvP!

  5. @Diana: With only one week out of each month to farm for it, Blizzard shouldn't make the droprate too low imo. A limited amount of time to farm for it should help make it rare enough to be desired, so the droprate should be balanced out so it's not not rare enough that people despise it *cough*frigid frostling*cough*

    @Charron: I would LOVE for the patch to come out on the 29th (or even sooner)! Can't say I'm too optimistic, though. :x

  6. I know this is unusually fast, but I caught the sea pony after 3 casts during the darkmoon fishing quest. I'm chalking it up to the game making it up to me for taking over 9000 casts to get my sewer rat.

  7. @Dulljack: Many players are reporting that the Sea Pony was quite the easy catch (although there are a few who haven't had as much luck). We'll see if the extremely high droprate stays, or if Blizzard will nerf it. Perhaps this is their way of making it up to all collectors for the Giant Sewer Rat! XD


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