Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yay For Patch Day

Patch 4.3 is finally here! I've been busy all day with moving gear around, transmogging, raiding the new Dragon Soul raid, and of course playing with my new Purple Puffer. The rest of the new pets will have to wait until next week when the DMF comes into town, but there's still plenty of stuff for me to do!

I'm a little disappointed that the hearthing animation for the Winter's Little Helper and Father Winter's Helper didn't make it with the release of the patch. Instead of the helpers hearthing, it seems as though you send them back to their workshops with a bit of wintry and snowy magic. Oh well, it's still an interesting change. The Tiny Snowman disassembling shortly after being summoned still breaks my heart, though. :( Poor little guy.

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