Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breanni Visits the Darkmoon Faire

While at the DMF on the PTR, I found the infamous Breanni NPC visiting the petting zoo! Concerned about her shop, I immediately traveled to Dalaran to see who was looking after the store while she was checking out the faire. Let's just say I was startled to find Breanni welcoming me into the store...

According to El's Tweet after I inquired about Breanni and her possible clone, random NPC visitors visit the faire at different intervals. How fitting that Breanni's first stop is the petting zoo portion of the faire? :D

It's still a mystery how Breanni managed to travel to and from her store in Dalaran in a matter of moments! Part of me is convinced that she has clones of herself running around Azeroth, just waiting to infiltrate all the cities with an army of mini-pets. :P

Aaaa~and /end silliness. XD

UPDATE: According to this Petopia thread, if you stick around long enough while Breanni's NPC is visiting the petting zoo, you'll hear her comment on the animals! Remind me to hang around a bit longer next time.


  1. I like a Breanni mini-pet to follow me around.

  2. @Raax: Rofl! Although it would be pretty interesting if we could create mini-pet versions of ourselves XD

  3. When I saw this I was hoping to read that Breanni would be traveling with her wares. It's somewhat depressing to visit her in the once vibrant, but now ghost-towny Dalaran. The Happy Pet Snacks especially amuse me in battlegrounds :) Still, nice to see her out and about!

  4. Breanni is a mage! Portals and Mirror image are tricks of the trade! Nice touch though on behalf of Blizzard! She's the Brann Bronzebeard of pets! Well travelled indeed!

  5. @Anonymous: Breanni needs to hire some extra help so she can expand her store to SW and Orgrimmar! :D

    @Charron: Hopefully Breanni was inspired after visiting the faire and there will be some new pet goodies to buy soon. :P


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