Monday, November 7, 2011

Up, Up, Here We Go

I'm currently working on 3 alts on the PTR to make sure I can buy all 6 pets in this one week that the DMF is in town. All the information gathered after purchasing all the pets will help towards creating the pet profiles over on!

Previews of at least one to three pets should be coming soon. I'm still debating which pets I want to test out first. If they have any particularly neat animations, I'll probably take some video.

Anyway, while waiting for the dailies to roll over and while I'm working on that strength quest (whew, 250 mobs is a lot for a resto druid!), I decided to take some screenshots of the lovely balloon pets (even though they're NOT true vanity pets).

Flimsy Green Balloon

Flimsy Yellow Balloon

Although these balloons are NOT true vanity pets and require the DMF to be in town, these two "pets" are pretty endearing.

Take note of the vendor that sells these festive items, Carl Goodup. Does the name seem familiar? No? It's a nod to the Disney-Pixar movie "UP".

One of the main characters of the movie is named Carl. If there's anyone who's perfect for the job of selling balloons, it's Carl. :P

He's married to Ellie, who also seems to have inspired an NPC. Ellie Goodup can be found wandering the fairgrounds as well. I think I've seen her walking an exotic, giant cat on a leash a few times! She was definitely the feisty and adventurous one in the couple lol.

The movie is absolutely heartwarming and such a wonderful story, and I still can't watch it without tearing up during the first 10 minutes. I'm glad there are developers over at Blizzard who think so too, and thought it was worthy enough for not one but two NPC tributes.

I just love finding these little easter eggs and pop culture references in-game, especially in the least expected of places. Now if only there were an overly excitable puppy pet named "Dug" to go along with this Goodup family. :)

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