Sunday, November 27, 2011

Waiting For Tuesday

It's still not clear if patch 4.3 will drop this coming Tuesday or the next, but so far it's looking more and more like the next content patch will go live during the first week of December (or even later). The PTR sounds as if it's still up and running (although I haven't checked recently), and normally the PTR is taken down a bit in advance before a new patch goes live. So based on that, and the fact that there was never a concrete date for 4.3 (just when the arena season would end, which is Nov. 29), it wouldn't be far fetched if the patch came in early December.

If that really is the case, that would put its release nearly in the middle of the Darkmoon Faire. It wouldn't be an ideal situation, since it would mean we'd miss out on a few days' worth of dailies (and dailies = tickets for pets), but the alternative would be the patch coming out after the faire has come and gone completely. At that point, we'd have to wait yet another month before we could access the new faire and get a chance at farming for the Sea Pony.

It's a less than ideal situation, but if I had to choose, the lesser of two evils seems like being able to enjoy half of the revamped DMF than none at all. Right...?

But all this pessimism may be unnecessary and the patch may very well come this Tuesday. So regardless if it's made official, I'm going to be ready for anything come Tuesday morning. What can I say? My Purple Puffer is waiting for me and all those new pets are just longing to join my critter family. :P

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