Friday, November 11, 2011

Fifth & Sixth PTR DMF Pets

Today I purchased the last two pets on the PTR, the Darkmoon Cub and the Darkmoon Balloon. Just in time since the faire ends tomorrow!

Buying these last two on my alts left both toons with 0 tickets, so although I didn't start doing my dailies right as the DMF opened up (in other words, before dailies reset), I still earned enough tickets for exactly 2 out of the 6 new pets. Keep in mind that I also had to do all profession quests and the misc "test of strength" quest.

Both the cub and the balloon are exactly the same in terms of animation and sound as the other feline and balloon pets. Personally, I'd love to see the Darkmoon Cub go into "stalking" mode since he's supposed to be from a mysterious faire. As for the balloon... how about the eyeball actually moves and follows you around like the one in the large sign at the entrance of the faire? It might not be very practical to put a moving eyeball inside a balloon, though, but it'd be awesome if the DMF did!

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