Sunday, November 6, 2011

Testing of DMF On PTR Begins!

This is day one of the DMF testing on the 4.3 PTR. YAY! Here's the rough and general info on the new pets so far:
- DMF vendor's name is Lhara

- 90 tickets per pet

- reputation is NOT required to purchase the pets

- you can earn at least 55 tickets on the first night

- old tickets CAN'T be used to purchase the pets, and are turned into "Tattered DMF Prize Tickets"

- dailies and profession based quests reward tickets (varying amounts, but usually 3-5 tickets each)
- 5 dailies reward 5 tickets each

- 6 profession quests reward 3 - 4 tickets each (unsure if these are NOT repeatable each day, but might be "monthlies")

- 1 "killing" quest rewards 10 tickets (unsure if this is NOT repeatable each day, but might be a "monthly")
- 9 Darkmoon Faire Artifacts that start quests which award tickets (unsure if these are repeatable)
- 3 artifacts award 5 tickets each
- 5 artifacts award 10 tickets each
- 1 artifact awards 15 tickets
Keep in mind this is the PTR, and numbers and amounts could change before the patch is released.

Follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up with the latest! Otherwise stay tuned for a full and more complete post on the new and revamped DMF and its pets.

Click the break for more screenshots of the new pets!

Darkmoon Faire Cub

Darkmoon Faire Monkey (with the fez hat!)

Darkmoon Faire Turtle

Darkmoon Faire Tonk


  1. Excellent news, I was hoping it would be there today.

    I have some questions, maybe you could add them into your next report (if you haven't done already, although they're all pet related)

    Is Jubling still there?

    Are the Tree Frog & Wood Frog still being offered by Flik

    Do the daily quests give DMF rep?

    Are the old turn in's still there (Dense Grinding Stone, Thorium Widget etc.)?

    Are there any changes to the Insane acheivement?

    Does DMF rep offer anything - eg more tickets at exalted etc?

    Are there any rewards like the Darkmoon Prizes, with random world drops in them?

    That's all I can think of this morning :)

  2. @Raax: Yes, Jubling is still around.

    Flik is still running around like he ate too much sugar. He still sells both froggies.

    The professions give 250 faire rep each, and I think the dailies reward the same.

    I haven't seen the old DMF turn in quests (Dense Grinding Stone, Thorium Widget etc.), so I don't think they're around anymore.

    I haven't noticed any changes to the Insane achievement.

    I'm not sure if there are any perks for higher DMF rep. I haven't noticed any changes between my toons on the PTR (one has honored rep while the other has neutral rep).

    I haven't come across any of the DMF prizes with random world drops.


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