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Patch 9.1 PTR - Junk Items Shopping List

There are 3 pets coming in Patch 9.1 that won't cost gold or Polished Pet Charms (although there is a 4th pet that *will* cost 10k PPC), but instead junk items. Each pet will require 3 old world grey items (1 of each item). Think of it as a sort of scavenger hunt. It's a unique and refreshing mechanic vs. the usual spend gold/charms for vendor pets.

Since they're vendor trash, finding these items should be a no-brainer, right? Sure, except the revamped world-scaling kind of messed up certain loot tables, and players that aren't level appropriate for these old world greys won't see them drop in most cases. So it's a bit of a puzzle/search.

After some testing on *live* servers, I've determined where to find each of the junk items. All the items were collected on a max level character, except for one. I also needed a rogue to pickpocket mobs. There are probably other ways of collecting these items, but this is what I found worked for me.

I make no guarantee that the loot tables and droprates will stay the same between now and 9.1 release. Blizzard might adjust anything that they see fit.

Hidden behind the jump break, just in case you don't want spoilers and want to figure it out on your own. ;)


Ground Gear - Leviathan MK II in Ulduar (raid, Normal)

  • Tips: Max lvl toons can skip a lot of stuff. Kill Flame Leviathan, XT-002, Kologarn, and then head straight to Mimiron's room to defeat him. The gear has a chance to drop from Mimiron's robot, not the chest. You'll need multiple toons to try for this one (can't reset since you killed bosses), or try over the course of multiple weeks on one toon.

Robble's Wobbly Staff - Trash mobs in Firelands (raid, Normal)

  • Tips: Don't kill any bosses and just kill trash mobs in the instance. Once you clear all trash (front area, before Shannox, Beth'tilac, and Baleroc), zone out, reset, and they'll respawn for you to kill again.

Very Unlucky Rock - Lunarfall/Frostdeep Cavedweller in a Garrison with Fishing Shack lvl 3

  • Tips: There's no quick way to do this one. Have a lot of inventory space ready to catch fish, stand near the vendor to get rid of stuff you don't want, and just... fish. The item (Lunarfall Carp - Alliance, Frostdeep Minnow - Horde) that summons the mob can stack to 5, so you can collect 5 and spawn them all at once (they do have a small on-use cooldown though).
  • Edit: Veph pointed me to Lucky Horace's Lucky Chest in Nazmir, which pretty much has a guaranteed droprate for the Unlucky Rock. If you have alts that haven't looted it yet (you can check the achievement "Treasures of Nazmir" for each toon), head out and loot the chest for your rock.


Rotting Bear Carcass - Vicious Gray Bear in Old Hillsbrad Foothills (dungeon, Normal)

  • Tips: Normally bears in the world would have a chance to drop this junk item, but due to scaling, max level players won't see them drop. Dungeons, however, aren't affected by world-scaling. Head into this dungeon to kill some bears (found in almost all open areas/grassy fields) and you'll see lots of carcasses in no time.

The Stoppable Force - Trash mobs in Karazhan (raid, Normal, front gate, not side gate)

  • Tips: Similar to Robble's Wobbly Staff, don't kill any bosses so you won't get saved to the instance. Clear through the stables area, the blacksmith area behind the stables, go up the stairs, clear the kitchen, head through Moroes' area and up the stairs towards the hallway leading to Maiden of Virtue, kill everything in that hallway and the side rooms. Zone out, reset the instance, and repeat.

Dark Iron Baby Booties - Trash mobs in Blackrock Depths (dungeon, Normal)

  • Tips: Kill the mobs directly outside the instance, should be a few located in alcoves. Zone into the dungeon and clear all the dwarven mobs. Gather 12 Relic Coffer Keys and then head back to the entrance of the dungeon. Take the Mole Machine, go to "The Domicile", exit the machine, head right, go onto the balcony, and first room on the right is where all the Relic Coffers are located.

Rabbit's Foot - Ragged Young Wolf in Dwarven starting area (I imagine Deathknell for Horde? Or some other similar Horde starting areas?)

  • Tips: As mentioned before, world-scaling really messes with loot tables. A max lvl toon won't see the proper loot table when killing these mobs. However, a fresh level 1 toon will definitely see the "right" items drop. I created a lvl 1 and went to town in the starting area and saw many feet lol.

Large Slimy Bone - Evolving Ectoplasm in Wailing Caverns (dungeon, Normal)

  • Tips: Dungeons are the way to go for drops as they don't require you to be level appropriate. Head into the dungeon and kill every Ectoplasm you see. Ignore the bosses, zone out, reset, and try again. I went into the main hall, then right, and then left to check for Ectoplasms.

A Frayed Knot - Pickpocketing (various locations)

  • Tips: Pickpocketing loot tables don't seem impacted by world-scaling, so you should be able to pickpocket certain mobs as normal. I chose Bandits and other hostile humans in Elwynn Forest, but I'm sure there are other pickpocket options.


  1. Thank you so much for this list!

  2. This is amazing, thank you!

  3. This has been so handy! Thank you!

  4. As an FYI for me, a couple different suggestions for this (the ones I used and worked well for me!):
    - I created a level 10 Kul-tiran and got the Rabbit's Foot (human starting area).
    - Ground Gear was got by the same Kul-tiran by taking them into Chromie Time and hitting the neutral mechanicals at Borean Tundra.
    - Robble's Wobbly Staff, I picked up *two* in one run through Zul'aman (I was actually there for Mojo). Yes, good RNG, but also a *massive* amount of trash that can be reset.
    - The Stoppable Force: Three in one full clear of Black Temple. Again: a matter of RNG, but also a matter of *huge* masses of trash mobs inside. You do have to kill bosses if you want to get to the bigger mob swaths, however.

  5. It should be noted that the Booties do not drop from the trash mobs themselves. They drop from the Coffers. The keys to those Coffers drop from the trash mobs.

    So if you have opened all 12 coffers, don't keep killing trash in the hopes one will drop!


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