Monday, June 24, 2019

Save the Dates - Patch 8.2 Raiding/Dungeon Schedule

Patch 8.2 brings a new raid (The Eternal Palace) and a megadungeon (Operation: Mechagon).
  • 7 new pets will be from the raid (3 wild, 4 drops, all difficulties)
  • 6 new pets will be from the 5-player dungeon (4 wild, 2 drops, dungeon is Mythic-only)

Both of these zones will not be open at the start of Patch 8.2.
Official schedule announcement here

Here's the release schedule for battle pet collectors:

JULY 9, 2019
The Eternal Palace (Normal and Heroic)
Operation: Mechagon (Mythic-only dungeon)

JULY 16, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 1)
- Mindlost Bloodfrenzy (Blackwater Behemoth)

- Blackchasm Crawler, wild and found on the watery platforms in Halls of the Chosen, before the Lady Ashvane encounter

- Chitterspine Deepstalker, wild and found in the tunnel that leads to Lady Ashvane's area, after the Blackwater Behemoth encounter

- Trench Slug, wild and found as secondaries

JULY 30, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 2)
- Lightless Ambusher (Lady Ashvane)

AUGUST 13, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 3)
- Nameless Octopode (Za'qul)
- Zanj'ir Poker (Queen Azshara)

It's currently unclear where we'll find the wild pets within The Eternal Palace raid, or how we'll gain access to them.
  • Will they be similar to the Dream Whelpling from the Emerald Nightmare raid (need to defeat a specific encounter before they spawn)?
  • Or will they just be spawned in various locations, similar to Operation: Mechagon?
  • Will they only be near certain bosses, meaning those doing LFR will need to do a specific wing for a specific wild pet?
  • Will they even appear in LFR as well as other difficulties?

I'll update this page once more is revealed about these pets.

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