Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Wish List of "New" In-game Pets

Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft Tweeted an inquiry that I could not ignore.
"Any new battle pets people would like to see?"
Unfortunately for me, my brain decided to go on vacation at the time and all those lovely pet wishes, hopes and ideas just weren't coming to mind. The only thing I could think of right then and there was a mini-Naaru. Thankfully the rest of the community is NEVER short of ideas and there are already so many awesome suggestions (peacocks, boars, krakken, etc).

One of my favorite ideas came up between a discussion between liopleurodonic and LeCraft. A golden mechanical cow that's quite literally a "Cash Cow" lol. Its "best" battle attack could be a suicide that causes it to explode (dealing initial damage), which would then cause golden coins to fall down on the opposing team (dot, AOE team damage). Who says Lil' Bling is the only one who can "make it rain"? :P

Anyway, after sleeping on it, as unoriginal as some may be, here's what I've come up with (in no particular order).

Pets Based on Existing Models/Creatures
- Baby Zhevra. We already have a baby giraffe and gazelle, so why not round out the safari?

- Baby Whale Shark. Quite frankly, my hopes aren't super high for this one. This creature is truly at its best when it's gigantic, not tiny.

- Baby Chimeaera.

- Baby Jormungar.

- Baby Talbuk.

- Baby Skyscreamer.

- Baby Lion Seal.

- "Old God" minions (Faceless Ones). I absolutely adore all things Lovecraft, so anything that pays tribute to the terrifying unknown beings of beyond have my vote! (Especially if they whisper creepy, indecipherable messages to you when you're not paying attention. :P)

- Miniatures of racial mounts
We already have most of the racial mounts covered - examples include: Dwarf mount pet equivalent is the Little Black Ram, Gryphon = Gryphon Hatchling and Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, Draenei mount = Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm and Peanut, Gnome mount = Mechanopeep, Nelf mount = any of the many feline cubs, Orc mount = Tito and Worg Pup, Troll mount = any of the many baby raptor pets, Wyvern = Wind Rider Cub.

There are two racial mounts that wouldn't really make sense as pets (Goblin and Worgen), but there are still others that could be turned into lovable, tiny variations.
- Human mount = pony/foal

- Undead mount = undead pony/foal (would that be too cruel or not make sense? lol)

- Belf mount = baby Hawkstrider

- Tauren mount = baby Kodo

"New" Pets Based on Real World Creatures (Living and Extinct)
- Komodo Dragon

- Jellyfish (there are so many types and looks to choose from in this category!)

- Kiwi Bird (All the feeeeeels! I dare you to watch and not tear up.)

- Hippo

- Sloth

- Dogs (many breeds to choose from)

- Toucan

- Cuttlefish

- Nautilus

- Swan

Pets Based on Creatures/Beings From Other Universes
Most of these are really just wishful thinking since it would be unlikely to see a character from another game/story in WoW. Copyrights and all that jazz.
- Songbird from Bioshock Infinite

- Any of the Cousins from the Katamari Damacy series

- A Reaper from Mass Effect

- A Creeper from Minecraft

- Atlas and P-body from Portal 2
That's all I can come up with for now, but the question is still open for anyone and everyone to chime in with their two cents. What new pets would we like to see in-game?

There's no guarantee that any of our ideas will be implemented, which is understandable. Sometimes it's just nice to brainstorm with fellow pet enthusiasts though! And who knows? Maybe some of our suggestions will help the devs come up with an even more kick ass version of what we were originally thinking. :)


  1. Hmm, how about a Titan orb, like the Un'Goro Examinant?

    1. @Gorman: Yes! How could I forget about that one? One of the trainers in the Celestial Tournament even has one lol.

  2. we have the panderan monk what about other racial class combos, maybe an orc warrior, troll hunter, tuaren shaman ect.

    1. @Septerian: I think it'd be interesting to see what they come up with if they decide to make class/race pets.

      Originally, I think the Pandaren Monk was just a fun design idea, and then MoP rolled around and what do you know? Actual Pandaren Monks.

  3. Xota on Petopia just gave a suggestion that I have to pass along:

    Furbolg cub!

    1. @Gorman: Ahh, I would LOVE a Furbolg cub! I could add it to my "look-a-like" list. :D

  4. My god. A mini Reaper! That would be amazing.
    It would have to make that blaring horn sound and fire beams at critters.

    1. @Drop Rate Sucks: Yes! That would be awesome :)


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