Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get Your Very Own Lovable Leafy Companion

The Blizzard Pet Store is having a small sale and the Blossoming Ancient is 35% off of its original price. For $6.50 you can basically have 4 pets in one! :P

Not only do the pets have their own unique look for each season, they also have a different idle animation too.
- Spring = spreads flowers on the ground around itself
- Summer = beam of sunlight shines down on it
- Autumn = casts falling leaves from its branches
- Winter = creates a small snow flurry around it

For those still seeking the seasonal-exclusive pets the Blossoming Ancient can also be an in-game timekeeper. Unsure what season it is? Summon out your ancient and its leaf color will remind you!

This sale ends June 3, so don't put off adopting this pet for too long. If you get one now, you'll be just in time to appreciate both its spring foliage now and then its summer colors mid-June. :)

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