Sunday, March 1, 2015

Race MiniZep Available Starting Next Month

I was looking forward to the Darkmoon Faire this month; new toys and a new pet was added in 6.1. Turns out that I'll need to wait until next month for the Race MiniZep though.

The racing mini-game at the faire is somewhat unique in that its content has a staggered release. This month it's phase 1, and you can earn the "tier one" achievements (The Real Race). Next month will be phase 2, which will include more racing features and mechanics. Only then will it be possible to complete the next tier of achievements (The Real Big Race).

After that there are two more months of "new" racing content, according to Blizzard's DMF release schedule.

  • March: ‘The Real Race’, including the Racing Strider racer and a set of achievements with rewards.
  • April: ‘The Real Big Race’, including a new Rocketeer racer, more boosts and race buffs, and new achievements for beating the The Real Big Race with both racers.
  • May: A new Wanderluster racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Wanderluster, and rewards.
  • June: A new Powermonger racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Powermonger, and rewards.

It's interesting to see Blizzard extending content in such a way, although an earlier heads up on how this whole thing works would have been appreciated. I wouldn't say more forewarning would have saved me time and headache, since I still went for this month's racing achievements anyway, but a better understanding ahead of time of the staggered release would have made it less confusing. For a while on the PTR I thought I was missing something, and it had me slightly worried that I would miss out completely once the 6.1 DMF went live.

Anyway, glad to see that that's cleared up. Now if only the lag would clear up on the Darkmoon Island. The lag really makes completing the achievements frustrating. From objects not loading in properly, to buffs/mechanics not triggering... let's just say I spent a lot of time swearing at my game while attempting the race and other DMF games for the toy rewards lol.

Well, here's hoping next month's faire is less laggy! Looking forward to a new pet to collect either way :)

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