Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Patch 6.2 PTR: Who Wants To Be a Pet?!

UPDATE: @perculia pointed out that there are a few other new pets that aren't in the Pet Journal yet. We'll see if, when and/or where these pets will pop up.
Fire Pup
Nightmare Bell
Purple Calf

Patch 6.2 dropped on the PTR yesterday evening, and ahhhhh! All the pet things! So far there are 13 new pets (not counting Graves, which was implemented during the 6.1 PTR) and 3 new pet-related toys.

  • 4 wild pets - All from Tanaan Jungle
    Cerulean Moth
    Fen Crab
    Violet Firefly
  • 4 pets from new Menagerie vendor - Tiffy Trapspring (A) and Giada Goldleash (H):
    Bloodthorn Hatchling - 50 charms
    Dusty Sporewing - 50 charms
    Glowing Sporebat - 100 charms
    Lost Netherpup - 200 charms
  • 1 pet from a quest - Reward from "A Fel Puppy Of My Own", completed in Tanaan Jungle
    Fel Pup
  • 2 pets from a DMF vendor - Galissa Sundew
    Ghostshell Crab
  • 1 pet from a DMF achievement - Reward from achievement: That's Whack!
  • 1 miscellaneous pet - Tribute to Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera
    Nethaera's Light

Nevermind that Blorp looks hilarious (finally, a derp fish!) and that we get to finally add Hogs to our collection (I MIGHT nerd rage at the Whack-a-Gnoll mini-game though...), I think the most exciting pet for 6.2 so far is Nethaera's Light. Obviously it's a tribute pet to the one and only Nethaera, but how you obtain it is just as special!

The Pet Journal tooltip mentions Dalaran but that's it. So I took a few of my toons to the floating city and did a /tar Neth. I immediately found a floating candle, except it wasn't a wild pet or even a pet at all. Nethaera's Light is an NPC in Dalaran, which puzzled me.

I figured I'd probably have to do something like an action or emote in order to trigger an event, but I wasn't sure what. So I pulled up a list of all possible emotes in WoW and started going down the list. Turns out that /cheer will do it, but you have to do a few times.


You can tell if you're doing it right if Nethaera's Light begins to burn brighter with her flame growing into a flaming orb. Eventually the orb will explode with a small firework burst and voila! The pet will be added directly into your Pet Journal. (see images above)

Once you earn the pet, the Nethaera's Light NPC will despawn and spawn elsewhere in Dalaran. I've found at least 3 different spawn locations so far. Oddly, you can collect Nethaera's Light multiple times, with a max of three, although I'm not sure what you would do with three of them since they can't battle. It will fly alongside you, which is a nice touch.

Nethaera's Light has a small, adorable idle animation. Sometimes her flame will go out but with a small firework, it reignites shortly after. This little candle's light will forever shine! :)

Toys toys toys
On top of new pets, there are new toys that relate to pets. One of which I'm extremely excited about. All three are sold by the new Menagerie vendor in your garrison.
Indestructible Bone - 50 charms
Spirit Wand - 100 charms
Magic Pet Mirror - 500 charms

I bet you can guess which toy is my favorite out of the three. If not, maybe you should take a look at my Look-a-Like Challenge series haha. :P

I managed to test the Magic Pet Mirror a little bit before the PTR went down last night, and here's what I've discovered so far:
- Usable on any summoned pet that can battle
- Must have the pet out and targeted to use
- Applies a 10 minute buff to you
- Casting (or entering combat) will remove the costume
- Shapeshifting will remove the costume too
Since you can't keep the costume while doing every-day things, such as raiding, Ai-Li's Skymirror will definitely come in handy. Good thing both toys, the Pet Mirror and Skymirror, share the same cooldown time, one hour.

I'm still testing the mirror and there are other things I'd like to try out. You can't apply the buff while in flight form or mounted, but what if you were to use the toy prior to either? Could I be a little flying pet perhaps?! One can hope lol. :3

The other toy that I tried out a bit on the PTR is the Spirit Wand. It's similar to Glyph of Shadowy Friends, except it applies a ghostly, spectral visual instead of a dark, shadowy one. First pet I tried it on, Lil' Bling because yenno, he needs to be even shinier than he already is? heh

Unlike the glyph, it's not passive and must be actively used on your summoned pet. It applies an indefinite buff though, so you really only have to worry about re-applying it when you zone, log out, or unsummon your pet.

I'm looking forward to 6.2 and anything else they have in store for pet collectors. This first round of updates is really exciting though, so I don't know how Blizzard is going to top this PTR patch. Do they even need to? XD

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