Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Lap-Cat Interaction: Fitting and Sitting

Doobjanka contacted me over the weekend to let me know that a WarcraftPets user had notified him that the Savage Cub had an interesting (and new) interaction animation.

Emoting /sit at it would cause it to walk over to you, jump into your lap and then settle down for a cuddle.

Excited about a new interaction, I tried it out and sure enough, lap-cat!

Tweeting this on Twitter prompted a response from Coffeesaurus who tried the emote on a different feline pet. It seemed to work on a Silver Tabby, so what about other pets?

This made me want to test it out on other cat pets (including non-beast ones). They all had the same response to /sit. Lap-cats! Except for the Feline Familiar. For some reason she didn't respond to the emote. I guess my lap just isn't good enough for her. T_T Oh well lol.

I did some further testing:

  • Emoting /sit doesn't work when in any druid form (including Boomkin)
  • Doesn't work if you're wearing a costume (see image above).
  • Only works if you use the emote /sit. Using a keybind to sit down doesn't trigger the animation.
  • You can use the Magic Pet Mirror to transform into another pet (even a cat), and the emote will work (see image below).

During my early blogging days, I mentioned that the cat models needed some updating, including some sort of interaction. So I'm really pleased with this new addition to the interaction list. It's a nice touch to older/existing pet models.

I already absolutely LOVE pets that respond to you and/or the environment around them, but this just takes the cake! Echoing WayneWoods' Tweet:

I hope there are more hidden animations coming in the future. Perhaps /dance with baby bears causes them to dance too? /play makes flying/bird pets do a mountspecial animation? There are so many possibilities! :)


  1. I have tried this with all of my cat type pets on my hunter and they will not get in my lap. I used the /sit command and even tried the keybinding just in case. I guess I am not cuddly enough :(

    1. @Rhapture: Aw that sucks :(

      Are you targeting your kitty when you use /sit?

      I've also heard that there are a couple of bugs with the interaction. Might not work properly with all races, and some areas/zones interfere with it. IIRC, the cats don't get along well with goblins.

      I couldn't get it to work while in Hellfire Citadel raid, for example. But upon zoning out it worked again.

    2. I was trying it in my garrison and I can't remember if I was targeting the pet or not. I am going to try again with my hunter pet dismissed. That may have been interfering too.


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