Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zeradar's Early Arrival

There was a wonderful surprise a couple of days ago: Zeradar was released early!

Despite November 10th being the official release date for Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, this little guy just couldn't wait to join our collections I guess. Not that I'm complaining though. :D

Zeradar popped up in my inventory and in-game mailbox (a bug that he's sent to both places, I'm guessing -- or they just wanted to make absolutely sure you got him lol), accompanied with the following message from Breanni.

"Power Overwhelming!

I've never seen a pet with such overwhelming power before! I tried to ask it where it came from and what it wants, but all it said was "THE MERGING IS COMPLETE" and then started assaulting nearby squirrels.

A hero of your stature would surely know some tricks to contain this magical monstrosity!"

That got me thinking, maybe this is a hint that Zeradar interacts with critters! So I sought out a squirrel but unfortunately Zeradar paid no attention to it.

Luckily, developer Jeremy Feasel hinted that maybe my new archon friend might go better with a Grunty (or a Zergling). And well...he was right!


A Grunty or a Zergling next to Zeradar will result in a fight to the death. It's usually the one that's summoned first that winds up the victor. I didn't have a Zergling on hand, but you can imagine similar results in a Protoss vs. Zerg match, right? :P

For some strange reason Zeradar doesn't seem to mind the Baneling though (much like Grunty doesn't care about it). Baneling too strong so both don't even want to bother with it lol?

In addition to interacting with other pets, you can target Zeradar and emote /cheer at him. This causes his head to detach and spin before returning to his body. Uhh ok Zeradar, you weirdo lol.

All in all, I'm so excited to collect this pet earlier than expected. His vocalizations sound like a mini-lich, but that's not intended and will be hotfixed. But that doesn't bother me all that much; just glad to have him join my army!

I'm curious what would happen in a three-way stand off between Protoss, Terran and Zerg though. Now that would be a REAL (pet) battle. :P

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