Friday, March 31, 2017

Weebomination and Nether Faerie Dragon 7.2 Updates

UPDATE: Stinkrot also received a new look. I think all DK pet models were updated, resulting in an update to battle pets that use the same appearance.

OLD (pre-7.2) Stinkrot appearance - more polygonal

NEW (post-7.2) Stinkrot appearance - smoother look overall, higher quality details


It looks like Weebomination and the Nether Faerie Dragon received some updates in 7.2. Thanks to Brawler for the heads up.

Here are some comparison images.

OLD (pre-7.2) Weebomination appearance - lighter tone overall with distinct entrails coloring

NEW (post-7.2) Weebomination appearance - darker ton overall with more apparent stitching

OLD (pre-7.2) Nether Faerie Dragon appearance - translucent blue all over

NEW (post-7.2) Nether Faerie Dragon appearance - no longer translucent at all, and wings have the same look as the Sprite Darter Hatchling

I'm kind of sad about the Nether Faerie Dragon change, if I can be honest. I quite enjoyed the translucent blue look because it set it apart from its cousin, the Sprite Darter Hatchling. :(


  1. I liked the translucent NFD too! :(

    I've seen a thread on the US forums when people are looking for various 7.2 changes, and you have replied.
    I can't post there, so let me leave a remark here please if you still collect the info.

    So, the Auction House has its tabs rebuilt so "Companion Pets" tab containing toys and unlearned pets has been moved from the formerly occupied "Miscellaneous" section to the "Battle Pets" one.
    Now people can more easily compare the prices between the fresh items and the cages.

    Kind regards

  2. I am gutted about them totally changing the NFD. While I like the smoother texture of the newer model, I really loved the spectral appearance it had before. I am hoping that maybe they will make a spectral version with the new model in the future, along with a fey dragon like the one that Ashlei in SMV has.

  3. The undead changes are welcome, the NFD is a travesty. Not realizing it was intentional I reported it as a bug.


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