Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Class Pets On June 6 + More This Month

DKs and Monks rejoice, today is your day! Starting today, players can earn their class mounts (if they've completed the prior quests in the Broken Shore campaign), which means unlocking class pets. Yay!

Here's a list of classes and their pets: Collecting Legion Class-Exclusive Pets (DK and Monk are toward the bottom of the page)


Note that reaching AK 25+ for Step 4 can be accomplished either through work orders or by buying an AK Tome on a character with higher AK.

More Events In June
There's more to this month than just class pets though - here's a quick reminder of all the pet-related events occurring in June. For a full list of all events, not just pet ones, check out Blizzard's official blog post.
  • June 6 - Class mounts (unlocks class pets for DK and Monk)
  • June 21 through June 27 - MoP Timewalking (2 pets)
  • June 21 through July 4 - Midsummer Fire Festival (1 NEW pet)
  • June 21 through September 23 - Summer begins (Qiraji Guardling starts spawning in Silithus)

Overall, what an exciting month for collectors! Wheee! :D

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