Sunday, January 7, 2018

Magical Saucer Collected - Fly My Pretties, Fly!

I finally did it. My Mage FINALLY completed her journey for the Magical Saucer toy, so now even my non-flying pets can follow me wherever I go. YAY!!

After collecting the other class pets, I took quite a long break from leveling and playing additional alts. I was unsure if my Mage would even see Broken Isles this expansion or if she would have to wait until Battle For Azeroth. Luckily, I was hit with a bout of boredom and picked up leveling her again.

Getting the AP to meet the requirements for the class mount storyline wasn't an issue in the slightest. I know many were concerned that grinding AP would be a massive pain for DK and Monk class pets, but with the catch-up mechanics in place... the AP didn't even register to me. I was well beyond the required weapon level by the time I unlocked the mount quest.

What REALLY took some patience and time investment was the simple act of leveling. Going from 1 to 110...oof. It's not that it was "hard" or anything. Heirlooms make life so much easier. It's just tedious. I've done and seen these quests multiple times before, so it's not exciting or new. Same thing, different character. The repetition is what made the process feel dragged out, for me at least.

But if you're determined, like I was, you push through the monotony and get to that sweet spot and before you know it, you're looking around for the class storyline and Broken Shore campaign lol. I also rediscovered my joy of Draenor leveling during my Mage's adventure. Flying around and finding/looting treasures for experience? Yes please!

It was all worth it! I love playing around with this toy, and it's coming in handy for taking better, eye-level screenshots. (I would still prefer a pedestal-type of toy for battle pets, but this will do for now :P) I've already done some experimenting with combining toys and buffs on 'mounted' pets hehe.

So for the time being, my class collecting adventure is done. Druid, Demon Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, Death Knight, Monk, Rogue, and now Mage... I can check off all these battle pet-related classes from my 'To Do' list. Hooray! Any alt that I level from here on out is purely for miscellaneous reasons (like collecting class mounts...? lol).

For anyone still working on pet-related classes, keep on keeping on! Just enjoy what you can while you can, and take it in stride. It's slow and boring and tedious at some parts, but the end result is worth it. Heirlooms make it go faster but aren't absolutely necessary (I only had the heirlooms that go up to level 90 because I was too cheap to upgrade to the 100 and 110 ones haha). Having some sort of music or video/movie streaming either on a second monitor, in the background or on TV can help make the time fly. And remember, you don't have to do it all at once. You can take breaks, long or short. Blizzard has stated that there are no plans to remove the class pet-related stuff.

Anyway, enough gushing. Time to just enjoy my new toy and a new way to have fun with my pets. :)

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