Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Shadowlands: Battle Pet Reskins vs. Unique Models

It's been a while since I last posted, eh?

Shadowlands stuff! Finally! There's not a lot of new Pet Battle content (yet), but there sure are a TON of upcoming battle pets. Over 100, last I checked.

I've been compiling a list of pet models for WarcraftPets' graphic artist (to help make it a little easier on her workload), so I figured I'd make a list of Shadowlands pet models that are reused/reskinned vs. unique Shadowlands models. For the curious. Just some small trivia heh.

Here is a list of battle pet models and the number of new pets that will use it (plus an example image of what the model looks like). It's not a full list detailing every single upcoming pet. More like a summary.

At the very end is the number of unique-model pets.  

Arden Moths x3

Arden Squirrels x4

Maw Rats x3

Maw Roaches x3

Maw Hands x3

Skeletal Spines x2

Skeletal Hands x3

Baby Unicorns x4

Bats x4

Dredwing Bats x4

Vulpins x8

Spiders x6

Lice x3

Glimmerflies x3

Slimes x4

Souls (ghosts) x2

Teroclaws x4

Bonetusks x2

Gargoyles x3

Watchers x2

Jelly People x3

Manifestations x3

Gorm Wasps x3

Tree Sprouts x4

Cranes x5

Gormlings x5

Mire Creepers x2

New Aboms x2

Dragon Turtles x3
Unique models x17

Note that when I say "unique", I don't mean in all of WoW. There are definitely reused models in Shadowlands from other expansions/patches. So "unique" as in compared to other Shadowlands battle pets (it's not a reskin and no other new pet shares its model atm).

Another thing to note is that although there are quite a number of reskins, a few pets do have some variations. Stuff like additional doo-dads attached to the pet to make it a little different, textures (bones vs. no bones vs. skin, etc.) and other graphical effects. So they're not all *exact* copies in every single category.

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