Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't Save Your Tamer Bags In 5.3

UPDATE: According to Mumper, Blizzard is reviewing players that opened too many bags. While that's not a guarantee that your account will be expunged of any infraction (if you were wrongly banned for opening too many Tamer bags), it's good to know they are at least investigating the matter and re-looking at those who feel they did nothing to warrant it.

With the addition of the "bad luck protection" feature, Blizzard has taken a strong stance against gaming it. They now consider it an actionable offense if you open many bags all in one sitting.

Collectors from WarcraftPets are already reporting receiving temporary bans (3 days) for opening Tamer bags that they either saved from previous days or earned all in one day.

So just to be safe, better to open your bags as you receive them, rather than waiting until collecting all the Tamer bags for the day. It removes some of the fun for those that enjoying opening them all at once for that 'Christmas morning' feel, but until this is fixed it's better to be safe than sorry.

I use the term "fixed" lightly though, as it's unclear if this is actually a bug or if it's intended to stop players from trying to exploit the bad luck protection mechanic.


  1. This is just dumb. I could see saving them for a new patch being a banning offense, but it's completely silly to do it on bags earned the same day you open them. The "bad luck protection" is a myth as far as I've seen...actually less stones and more junk.

    I don't even see using the exp food because it looks like you have to use it on a single pet and if you level by tamers...this is kinda of bad. Wouldn't it lose the buff once unsummoned too? I haven't tested it...but would rather have them giving you a food that leaves a trail of crumbs or something for your pet, or each time you battle, sets out a tray of everflowing food which "spoils" after half an hour.

    Oh wells. Blizzard is doing weird things...hating spectator mode on my pvp realm's rogue. Pet battling for rare spawn pets is even more ridiculous.

    1. @Pukanini: I haven't tested out the experience food buff yet, so I'm not sure how it works. From the comments on Wowhead though, it seems like you use it while a pet is out but the buff is applied to your character. I think that might mean you can switch from pet to pet, but still receive the bonus experience. I'll have to test it though.


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