Friday, August 9, 2013

Collect More In 5.4!

Good news for all pet collectors! Mumper Tweeted an image that shows an increase to the cap for total number of pets allowed. How big of an increase is it? Well it went from 650 (current) to 1000 (coming soon)! That's 350 more slots for new pets and duplicates (the number of duplicates you can have will remain the same). Now we can have SO MANY pets and pets and pets and pets. XD

On top of this amazing news, Mumper clarified that this change is set to happen in the upcoming 5.4 patch. Just in time to make room for 34 new pets!

When I first started pet collecting, I never even considered having one THOUSAND pets. Then again, collecting back then meant you needed to have bag space to hold all the pets. 1000 bag slots was out of the question lol. But even once the Pet Journal was released, I never imagined I'd aim for 1k pets at some point. It was beyond my scope of thinking, because... well that's just SO MANY!

Hopefully this increase to the cap will give players the opportunity to collect all sorts of things. Different breeds, colors, duplicates, etc. In addition, it may make the new Celestial Tournament a little easier. The option to use the same pet for two different fights will be available, since you could just collect two or three of that pet (unless the journal limits only one). We'll have to see about that, though.

I'm excited and can't wait! Maybe I should start stocking up on my favorite/most used pets so I can add more than one to my collection in the future. Ahh, I may have to pay more attention to breed for all my pets now. XD

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  1. Oh god, the days of having them in your actual inventory.. I never had any space! Too many pets!

    So excited for this change, can't wait! Bring on 5.4 already! XD


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