Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Possible WoD Pet: Weebomination

LeCraft Tweeted a sneak peak of a possible WoD pet, the Weebomination!

The pet is not yet complete, and he asks for suggestions on what abilities should fill in the Weebomination's moveset. Some of the more obvious ideas are abilities that abominations already have, like a "meat hook" ability, corpse-explosion, and other undead-type attacks.

I'm no battling expert, so I'll just let those more invested and experienced in pet-theorycrafting assist in creating a monster. :P

My curiosity lies with where this pet will come from, it's base quality (it's shown as rare in the journal, but that could be a result of an upgrade), and if it has any interesting idle animations/interactions. I'd love to see it hook critters while out and then explode on top of them or something lol. No? Just me? Yea, Perhaps it would be too annoying to have to constantly re-summon the Weebomination. Maybe a rotting/poison effect then heh.

I'm pretty thankful for this little teaser. Pet news is running fairly dry these days now that MoP is slowly coming to an end and WoD is still not quite ready for a full reveal. Everything's been a little dull as a result. Hopefully this is just one of many teasers (or a full disclosure!) to come in the near future.

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