Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All the Heart Fuzzies

Blizzard announced that more than $1.9 million was raised during the Argi sale this past holiday season. So in other words, in roughly one month nearly 2 million dollars was raised and donated to the Red Cross to assist with the Ebola relief efforts. That's. Amazing.

Granted, many just wanted an adorable baby spacegoat pet. But it's still awesome that Blizzard decided to use the proceeds for charity. Collectors directly and/or indirectly helped, so give yourself a small pat on the back for purchasing Argi during the special sale period. :)

Go plushie, go!
In other adorable pets news, a user on WarcraftPets discovered that even though the Elekk Plushie doesn't have any moves that do direct damage by themselves, with a little help from two friends it can indeed smack its opponents around.

Using one pet to apply Wild Magic on the target and another pet to apply Howl, this allows Plushie Rush to actually deal damage. I tested this myself on a low level wild pet and sure enough, my adorable and normally passive plushie smacked that wild pet around, dealing 214 damage!

I'm sure this is just an oversight and the Elekk Plushie shouldn't be able to inflict harm on enemies, but you have to admit that it's kind of heartwarming. A plushie that just wants to be a real, living being finally gets its day, participates in a fight, AND is useful (sort of). The bittersweet cute factor is through the roof for me and I can't help but smile thinking about it.

You don't need to be "real" Elekk Plushie. You're perfectly fine the way you are. :')

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