Monday, February 16, 2015

Fire On a Stick, Fire On a Stick!

The Lunar Festival just started, and although there are no new pets this year, new toys, engineering schematics, and this lovely gem pictured above (Perky Pug not included) were added.

The Perky Blaster adds a buff to your Perky Pug that causes it to run around in a circle with a firework in its mouth. These consumables are cheap, one coin for a stack of five, and they're not soulbound. So you know I just had to stock up on them. XD If I have time during the week, I'll probably head out on alts to pick up easy coins and send more pet fireworks to my banker alt to hold for future use.

Other than that, it's a pretty tame Lunar Festival. No new pets, just the two existing lanterns -- Lunar Lantern (A) and Festival Lantern (H). Collect away! :)

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