Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let Brightpaw Brighten Up Your Life

Brightpaw has arrived! And she's all sorts of adorable. Blizzard's even fashioned a special promotional video for this adorable little kitty. Ahhh the cute, it's too much!

You can adopt this kitty from the Blizzard Store for $10. Through December 31, 2015 100% of the proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation (charity). You currently can't gift Brightpaw but the option should be available again in the near future.

She'll interact with you in two ways. First is lap kitty, because c'mon. KITTEH.

Second, this energetic mana kitten loves to dance! Target Brightpaw and emote /dance for fun kitty dance time. It's even cuter when you use the Magic Pet Mirror and become her. Best dance partners ever? ;)

For Brightpaw's idle animation (and sometimes when you summon her out), she'll dash around very quickly, leaving behind what I can only call a "mana zoom-streak" and an audible dashing noise.

Breanni even warns you about Brightpaw's hyperactivity in the small message that's sent in the mail along with the pet.
"This energetic little kitten can't stop zipping around in a burst of arcane energy. She seems to have taken a liking to you, so I'm sending her your way.

I'm sure she'll need lots of attention!

Good thing that I'm more than happy to ravish her with an enormous amount of love and attention. :)

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