Thursday, December 17, 2015

PVP Exclusive Pet Possibly Coming In Legion?

I've always had a difficult time with PVP, both participating and mentally accepting the act of PVP'ing. So you can imagine the amount of dread that I feel when reading through the Legion PVP Preview blog that Blizzard recently posted. Specifically about the prestige rewards and "A unique mount and pet".

"All For The Prestige
However, once you've reached Honor Level 50, you'll have a tough choice to make. You'll be given the option to Prestige, which will reset your Honor Level back to 1, and once again restricting access to higher-level Honor Talents. However, in return, you'll increase your Prestige Level, which grants access to a number of other rewards, including:

  • A badge, based on your Prestige Level, which appears on the scoreboard in Battlegrounds and Arenas, as well as on your nameplate and unit frame.
  • A title, also based on your Prestige Level.
  • A wearable faction pennant
  • A new appearance for your Artifact
  • A unique mount and pet

The higher your Prestige Level, the better rewards you'll have access to. We see the Prestige system as a great way for players who aren't interested in pursuing higher rating, but still enjoy PvP, to have their own unique rewards to chase after."

They don't discuss in detail how/when the pet will be awarded, so it's still up in the air what the exact requirements to be eligible for the pet will be.

At this time, the only sure thing I can say is...NOOOOO does not want! I detest PVP (even pet PVP).

However, because I'm lacking further information and details on the pet as well as the process necessary to earn the pet, I'll wait to formulate a concrete opinion on the matter.

I mean, maybe it won't be all that bad? Perhaps the only requirement will be to reach Prestige level 1 (Honor level 50). That will just be a matter of grinding Honor until reaching cap, and only just the one time.

Then again, it could just as well be something like "reach Prestige level 20", which would mean reaching Honor level 50 multiple times (20 times)...and that might make me lose more than a few nights' worth of sleep and some hair.

I definitely am NOT hoping for the latter. As a pet collector, I will feel obligated to collect whatever this PVP exclusive pet will be. And I can only speak for myself, but PVP is not an activity that I actively seek out. It's just not my thing; I don't enjoy it and feel extremely stressed out when faced with PVP. So while this is all "optional", in the end I will still feel as though I'm being cornered into participating in an aspect of the game that I would rather not take part in.

I know some will thrive in this type of situation and are probably ecstatic that they will get to play two very different aspects of the game at the same time. And that's great! Everyone should be able to enjoy this game in their own way.

I just hope that Blizzard chooses the path of compromise between those that want PVP and those that don't want PVP. Prestige 1? Maybe even Honor level XX? Ok, I will buckle down, hold my tongue, and do it for the pet. That's not too much to ask of me so someone else can enjoy collecting while PVP'ing, right? We'll see.

I'm crossing my fingers for a quick and fairly painless process for the PVP pet. I mean, not only do I not want to be in a battleground, I'm sure avid PVP'ers will probably cringe at having my inexperienced and poor PVP skills in their highly competitive game space. The less time I have to spend "ruining" their games, the better...right? lol *is reminded of the Children's Week PVP achievement*

Anyway, until more information is given, I'll sit and wait. Anxiously wait. *stressed* Hope for the best, prepare for the worst? =\

Details I'm most eager to learn more about:
  • What the pet will be and if it's truly exclusive to this activity (PVP, or will it be available through some other means?)
  • Prestige level required to earn the pet
  • The rate at which you earn honor and time necessary to earn Prestige
  • Any possible limitations on the pet (Will the ability to summon it require you to maintain a certain honor/prestige level? Or is it yours to keep forever once earned?)

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  1. I completely agree with you. I'm an avid (mild term, here...) pet collector, and I hate (again, mild term...) PVP. Like you, I will do what it takes to get the pet, and like you I hope it's not something crazy like Prestige Level 10+ or whatnot. Hopefully they'll realize lots of pet collectors are in the same boat as us, and not make it take an excessively long time. *crosses fingers*


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