Sunday, February 7, 2016

Legion Alpha: Highmountain Pet Battle Bonus Objectives

List of discovered Pet Battle Bonus Objectives in Highmountain. Each one is not always up/available.

Information from alpha, things are subject to change. Will update this list as more world quests are found. If you come across any not listed here, please let me know!

1.) Hungry Icefang (Wildlife Protection Force) - found by Wowhead user Illumina4

  • located on the main path that travels south of Skyhorn (across the ravine/bridge)
  • epic (purple) with "elite" buff
  • joined by 2 random wild pets of varying breed/quaity (no buffs)

2.) Grixis Tinypop (Tiny Poacher, Tiny Animals) - found by @SerrinneWoW

  • located on the main path that goes northeast from Bloodtotem flightpoint
  • 3 epic (purple) pets (no buffs) - Gulp, Egcellent, and Red Wire

3.) Rocko (Rocko Needs a Shave) - found by ‏@tatianasaggio

  • located inside Lifespirng Cavern (cave west of Thunder Totem), next to Gelmogg (hostile quest mob)
  • single legendary (orange) pet
  • only has one ability, Pound
  • has the "crumble" buff

4.) Odrogg (Snail Fight!) - found by @tatianasaggio

  • located inside Stonedark Grotto (entrance to the caves is just off the main path)
  • 3 rare (blue) pets (no buffs) - Rocklick, Slow Moe, and Snot

5.) Bredda Tenderhide (Training with Bredda) - ???

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