Friday, March 18, 2016

Legion Alpha: Pet Tournament Area Update

I feel guilty for neglecting posting updates on Legion Alpha here on my blog, but other than the addition of new pets and the whole epic pets situation, there hasn't been much added to the Alpha that can be tested just yet. Much of what Pet Battle content I've found is temporary or works in progress, all of which I normally document on my Twitter since there's not much depth to it so far.

For this week's patch, however, it seems that the Pet Battle tournament area finally found a permanent spot? Or at least one can hope. Earlier this year it was on one of the Dalaran floating islands, but it was removed for a while. Now the tournament area is back and can be found beyond a broken wall to the right of the Violet Citadel (past the graveyard).

The area is smaller than it was when on the island but all the familiar faces are back. From the Tournament Announcer and his co-worker, Greg, to the three main Grand Master Pet Tamer NPCs, Sir Galveston (previous version), Bodhi Sunwayver (previous version), and Tiffany Nelson (previous version). Can't say if their teams have changed since I last checked them out. Will have to wait for each to come into rotation.

It looks like there will still be a rotation of trainers/boss/elite NPCs that you can battle - Stitches Jr. Jr. was up once servers came back online. Compared to when I first encountered him, his stats were buffed slightly.

Original stats in February: 3509 HP, 294 Power, 227 Speed
And today's updated stats: 3873 HP, 308 Power, 227 Speed.

His stats could change again, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it was increased to account for the testing of epic pets or if developers simply wanted to make his fight a bit harder. We'll have to wait and see.

Unlike previous Alpha builds, there aren't any bonus or world objectives associated with the tournament area...yet? It's possible that the quests might come at a later date.

For now, more waiting, which I don't mind. :)

On a completely different note, though, I'm still confused as to where the Dust Bunny rug went. It's been a few builds since it completely disappeared from the Dalaran barbershop. I have no idea if it's being reworked or just gone, and if it's the will we obtain the wild Dust Bunny? Maybe the devs are making it harder to collect? Eep!

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