Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Legion Alpha: Pet Cap Increased (ahhh!)

A new patch was released for Legion Alpha. Here is what's new and/or changed. Will add to this list if there's anything else.

  • Leather Pet Bed - Thanks Wayne for pointing this out! I saw something similar in a previous patch, but it wasn't specified that it was for companion pets.

  • New pet in this build: Sting Ray Pup! The Pet Journal currently says it's from Nat Pagle in Draenor, but it probably just needs to be updated. I mean... unless we're going back to Draenor in Legion...uh, yea. ;p

  • Pet Tournament Purse - I think this is new, but I'm not entirely sure. I may have simply missed it in a previous patch. Regardless, pet tournament inc!

  • Sandpiper model - PLEASE let this be a battle pet! *squees* It's adorable!

  • Ominous Pet Treat - Temporarily turn all of your pets into uhm... void...lords? Maybe similar to the consumable sold by the Ethereal Soul-Trader?

And the best for last... the most exciting update of all (drum roll please.......)

  • Maximum number of pets allowed in the Pet Journal increased to 1500 (up from 1000)!!

    The catch is that you need an on-use consumable item to expand your journal. It's unknown where this item will come from -- achievement reward? Drop? Vendor? I'm leaning towards it being related to the upcoming pet tournament, but we'll have to wait and see.

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