Thursday, April 7, 2016

Legion Alpha: New Dust Bunny Rug

It's been a while since the Dust Bunny was last seen on Alpha, but good news is that we finally have an update (thanks to a tip from a WarcraftPets user)!

Previously, there was a rug in the new Dalaran barber shop that you could click on. Originally this depsawned the rug and spawned a single wild Dust Bunny in its place.

The rug was then updated in another Alpha patch, and it no longer disappeared or spawned the pet itself, but instead gave you a Spring Cleaning buff that allowed you to see wild Dust Bunnies all over Dalaran.

And then the rug disappeared completely. For a while too.

It was a mystery what happened to it; was the Dust Bunny mechanic being reworked? There were some issues with the rug's cooldown, so it's possible it was getting fixed.

Was it being moved entirely? Maybe the barber shop owner sent it out for dry cleaning... lol.

Well the Dusty Rug (hovering over it brings up a tooltip with that name) has finally revealed itself once again! Instead of a blue and gold rug, it's now a sort of dirty-gold and silver rug (pictured above).

This new rug can be found on the second floor of the Legerdemain Lounge, and it grants the same buff as the previous rug did. You can see bunnies running around for 10 minutes before poof, they vanish back into dusty shadows.

Unfortunately, the new rug has some unknowns to it. Cooldown? Maybe, but after clicking on it once with one character, even after some time (10 minutes+, the duration of the buff and then some) I still couldn't click on it with that same toon or any other character.

I then noticed that there are a few of the same type of rug in the upper rooms of multiple Dalaran establishments.

Perhaps instead of simply a cooldown on the rug, there's that PLUS a random spawn factor. Maybe the rug in room A will be clickable, then room B or even somewhere else. It would definitely make collecting this pet more challenging, and would also add more value to the wild pet as there will probably be some competition over the rug spawn.

That's just my guess for now though. More testing will have to be done to determine just what the heck is going on with this weird rug. If you have any insight on what's going on with the Dust Bunny rug, please share! :)

Have I said 'rug' enough in this post? Rug rug rug! :P

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