Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baby Winston Has Arrived

I caved this morning and pre-purchased Overwatch Origins. It's a good thing I did because Baby Winston was delivered to those that bought Origins today!

So far I haven't noticed any interactions, but he's got some neat idle animations.

Adjusts his glasses

Throws down a force field shield and stands in it

Holds and charges up an electric weapon

And last but not least, he enrages and grows larger with glowing eyes and fists

Oh and throws out a few swipes and swings too

He's only got one tooth, which I guess is appropriate for a little baby. Still teething! D'aaaww. :)


  1. We were sucked into the Darkside at the Blizzcon last year and bought OVERWATCH then. Forgot all about Baby Winston and was pleasantly surprised when I opened WOW a few days ago and he was waiting for me.
    I think he is adorable!

    1. @Gloria: His little glasses and animations really set him apart from the other monkey/ape pets. Very charming and cute hehe. :)


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