Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Legion World Quest Thoughts and Questions

Both MMO-Champion and Wowhead have quick previews of what the max level World Quests will be like in Legion.

I'm still working on getting to 110 on Alpha so I can check out this new content for myself...almost there! But for now, these previews will have to do.

Unfortunately I'm left with more questions and thoughts than conclusive answers.

  • Not all Wolrd Quests will be available for the same duration of time - What's the duration on each Pet Battle World Quest? How quickly will they rotate?
If they rotate too quickly, some may not get to experience a certain encounter. If they change too slowly, it could cause some to lose interest in the feature entirely.

  • Reward for Pet Battle World Quests appear to be a (single) leveling battlestone (that I've seen so far) - Will the reward be JUST leveling stones? Or will they reward other things such as rarity battlestones, Pet Charms, etc.?
For newer/casual collectors and battlers, this sort of introductory Pet Battle content (IF that's the intent) will be great (if the encounters aren't super hard, that is). Catch up by doing a Pet Battle World Quest (each day?) to collect some stones and get that army of pets leveled up faster. 
For some veterans, one battlestone might not be enough to keep them interested after they've defeated all of the World Quest challenges at least once or twice.

  • Pet rewards to keep everyone interested, yay! - But will the new World Quest pet rewards be exclusively from the Pet Battle World Quests? Or will there be a chance they come from other types of content (PVP, PVE, Dungeon, etc.)? Will the reward match the activity, or will the loot table be shared across all types of World Quest content?
According to Jeremy Feasel on the official World Quests thread, "There will still be random, rare toys/mounts/pets from a variety of activities, this is simply a philosophy for World Quests." 
This leaves me wondering just how random it will be. Random as in, 'sometimes X Pet Battle World Quest will reward a battlestone, but it has a chance to reward A, B, or C pet other days!' Or random as in, 'sometimes Y and Z PVP and Dungeon World Quest will reward a new pet!' 
If I have to complete a PVP World Quest for a pet...I'm probably going to be really stressed out. :(

Other things:
  • Seems like one Pet Battle World Quest option per day/hour/week(???) for each zone/emissary, however we do know that there are a few different Pet Battle World Quests for each zone, so it's likely they will rotate.
  • It's still unclear if the World Quests are account-wide or not. I'm going to guess not, as it's dependent on a toon being max level.
  • Will the pets rewarded through the World Quest feature be cageable? Will they come in different breeds? What will entice us to keep doing the quests/collecting?
  • Difficulty level of each Pet Battle World Quest encounter is still somewhat unknown. Will the difficulty fit the reward?
  • If these battles are intended to be more for newer, casual, intermediate pet collectors/battlers, will it put off veterans? What about Pet Battle PVE content for sub-level 110 characters? Assuming there will be such content, how will that fit into the scheme of things? (Possible progression Pet Battle path in Legion = New Broken Isle trainers, then level 110 World Quest Pet Battles, and finally 'end game' ??)

Hopefully once I test the World Quests out for myself, a lot of these questions will be answered. I'm especially curious about the rewards though. Curious about what they are, and whether or not they'll be satisfactory for the majority of pet collectors and battlers.


  1. What is your estimation on length of play time to reach level 110? I was planning on taking my time and enjoying leveling but Pet Quests being tied to level 110 is a game changer for me.

    1. @Gloria: With avid a non-stop play time, I'd wager a couple of days to reach level 110? Even with less hardcore leveling, I'd still say less than a week to reach max.

      Keep in mind that this is only my impression from Alpha - experience numbers can be a bit inaccurate. They may tweak the exp needed to level and how much you earn from certain quests.


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